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MAGIC’CLICHÉ – pack of 12 bottles X 400 ml

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Spray for plates and sleeves protection

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MAGIC’CLICHÉ, unlike most other Recyl products, is not a cleaning product. Thanks to its properties, this product reduces the frequency of cleaning flexo plates or sleeves.

Thanks to its separation, sliding and antistatic properties, Magic’Cliché guarantees

– to avoid downtime by preventing ink build-up on plates and sleeves during print runs, leading to deterioration in quality and productivity
– avoidance of huge substrate and ink wastage due to quality problems caused by ink build-up.
– easy cleaning of plates and sleeves after printing
– extend the life of flexo plates and sleeves by protecting them from aggressive ink and solvents and reducing friction due to frequent cleaning, which damages the plate or sleeve due to excessive brushing of dry ink particles onto the image


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MAGIC'CLICHÉ - pack of 12 bottles X 400 ml

255,00 255,00€/CF

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